Community champion

This award will go to the company which has shown through activities carried out, a commitment to helping the community in
which they are based.
This could take the form of fund raising and/or dedicating a number of hours to carrying out work on behalf of a charity or an
organization that depends on volunteers in their quest to help others.
The initiative demonstrated by the applicant must have been completed or at least have reached a meaningful stage within the
last 12 months.

Entry Criteria
No entries will be accepted from the charitable sector.

  • Why you believe your business should win the community champion award?
  • Outline your business giving details of products and services and prior attitude to the community in which you are
  • Applicants need to demonstrate the rationale behind their commitment to helping their community and what form this
  • The number and percentages of staff were involved
  • Evidence of the difference that activities made either financially or resulting in people/animals wellbeing etc
  • The company‚Äôs continued commitment in community work either for the same organization or others
  • Any other matters of significance