Manufacturing/engineering company of the year

The UK’s manufacturing sector is one of the most efficient, nimble and innovative in the world. We have an abundance of
manufacturing and engineering companies in this area, boasting dynamic innovation and agile processes. For too long these
silent heroes of this industry have been unrecognised so we want celebrate their success.
The judges will be interested in innovative products, services and processes as well as expansion into new markets and different
areas of business activity. In addition the judges would like to know more about the ‘personality’ of the business; the qualities
which make the business successful.

Entry Criteria
No entries will be accepted from the charitable sector.

  • Why should your business win Manufacturing or Engineering Business of the Year?
  • Tell us about the history of your business
  • Tell us about your product or services
  • Tell us about your customer and competitors
  • Tell us about your business successes over the last year
  • Please can you give some information on your growth, turnover and profit
  • Any other matters of significance